Thursday, November 29, 2007


I recently found this fabulous children's book called Spoolcraft
by Arden Newsome.
Published in 1974, a hard cover book with 156 pages,
it is full of very interesting projects.

........Spool People......
...Dolls and Dolls Furniture...
.....Spool Toys.....
...Knitting and Printing with Spools...
.....Spool Games.....
.....Indian Novelties.....
...Gifts, Gadgets and Decorations...

Among these headings are of course - how to spool
knit, a spool knitter to make in the
simple form of a "giraffe", and a spool knitted Santa project.
As well as a rocking horse, spool handle jump rope,
clown puppet, bowling set, totem pole, jingle bell pin,
pincushion lady, Nativity, and many, many more projects.

In seeking out books with spool knitting, it is really worthwhile
taking a look at children's books.


In the course of looking at these projects, it came to mind
as to what other items could possibly be made into
spoolknitters apart from cotton reels/spools?

Skipping rope handles,
door handles,
plastic tubes,
cardboard cylinders,
wooden ornaments,
table legs,
and large beads are
just some that I came up with.

Can you think of any others?

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