Saturday, May 10, 2008



This knitting spool set is dated 1949, No. 5342 and
made in the USA - Whitman Publishing Co.

Whitman Publishing Company is better known
for its very popular children's books - Little
Golden Books among others.
Also included in the paper products
line are Paper Doll Books and jigsaws,
and more.

Above is the top of the box stating contents - Plastic
Spool and Needle - Colored Wool Yarn.
Take a closer look at the boxtop and see if you
can tell me what is wrong with the picture?

Above - the inside of the box.

Pictures on the instruction leaflet showing
samples of what can be made.

Actual instructions.

Above and below - the spool knitter is made from a top
quality mottle blue solid plastic which is almost
like bakelite but it is much too glossy.


Kelly :-) in Canada <> said...

You asked for comments on how and when others have received their spool knitters. In December 1973 (?) I got a spool knitter very similar to the one in your post “Top Notch!” I think mine was red like the one shown on the box. I received it at a gift exchange at Brownies in Burnaby BC. Initially, the package I unwrapped contained a colouring book. My mom encouraged me to trade it for the spool knitter. I was eight years old and at first I wasn’t sure about the trade. However, I had a wonderful time making very long ropes of knitted yarn. I used one knitted strand for a skipping rope; it worked well as long as it didn’t get wet. Sadly, one of the prongs broke off the spool knitter and it had to be discarded. A few years ago I purchased a spool knitter for my family’s use and another one just for myself. I haven’t begun using it yet, mostly because I couldn’t figure out what to do with knitted ropes once I created them! I can tell you that children still enjoy making very long ropes! Recently I came across a vintage book on “Spool Knitting” (circa 1909)… Now that I’ve spent hours viewing pictures of your gorgeously painted spool knitters and vintage spool knitters, and reading all your posts on your blog, I’m eager to begin spool knitting again! Kelly :-) in Canada <><

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Kelly! thanks so much for sharing your remembrances with us, I would love to add it to the collection and it will be displayed with the spool knitters at our future sewing museum.
I hope you continue to find inspiration in my blog and that you will make lots of great things from your spool knitters.