Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Spear & Sons Knitting Nancy Box

I came across this box last year, the only one
I have seen in all of my collecting years.
By Spear's Games, it would have to be
the very last type of Knitting
Nancy box issued
before Spear's Games was sold to
Mattel in 1994. I have been told by Francis
Spear (of the Spear & Sons family)
that Mattel did not continue with the
production of Knitting Nancy but I have
seen one by Rocket Toys & Games (2003) with
the exact same Knitting Nancy. (The
link to my post showing Rocket Toys
& Games is here.)

This Knitting Nancy box is dated 1992 and
its number is 55046. I do have a box
numbered 55046 which is the orange
coloured box and I will show that box
(plus others) in the next post.

Side of box.

Inside the box - note that it comes
with a warranty.

Bottom of box.

The leaflet of projects made with the
Knitting Nancy.

The other side of the leaflet showing
the instructions and is dated 1989.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog. I had a spool knitter as a child in the '80's. My mother pounded some nails into a wooden spool and away I went. Now looking for one (a little nicer than the one I had) for my seven-year-old daughter and found your site . . . I'll be back!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi freshmd! Thankyou so much for your very kind comment. Maybe we have another budding collector in the making! You and your daughter are most welcome to join my flickr group - spoolknitter - which you will find a link to in the side bar on the blog. Perhaps when your daughter (or yourself) has started a project you could take a photo and post it to flickr - we all enjoy seeing what others are working on.
Maybe you could paint yourself a spoolknitter using acrylic paints.
I am sure your daughter would enjoy that too! Anyway whatever you do ... Have Fun!!!!
Hope to see you!