Friday, October 24, 2008

Peter Pan Playthings Ltd.

For those who are keen to collect
spool knitters in any way shape or
form, you might also like to include
those found in sets for sewing,
embroidery, knitting and handicraft
in general.

Below we have for example, the
Handicraft Compendium by Peter
Pan Playthings Ltd. London.

Included in this set are Basket Weaving
Quick Knit
Pom Pom Favourites.

The term "Quick Knit" in this
case refers to the spool knitter.
While this spool knitter is only plastic,
it is a good quality plastic with six "nails"
and would have provided
many happy hours of
spool knitting.

The directions on this set shows the
date of 1967.

Peter Pan Playthings (PPP) Ltd. also
made a Wendy "Pie" Knitter.



rainbowmummy said...

Hi there, I am so sorry that I forgot to ask you if it was ok to link your blog. I am glad you don't mind. Wow you have a lot of blogs! You have no idea how much I would love to gwt my hands on all those buttons, lol.

rainbowmummy said...

If you have a sec go there and see my back ground :)

My mother used t have a fabric cottage as her button box. Many a happy memory!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi! Well, yes, I do have a lot of buttons in my collection of vintage sewing - but I hope you are not including "Button Floozies" as being my blog. It is a group blog.
I have four blogs in total.

rainbowmummy said...

So you have 4 blogs and share a 5th. How do you do it?!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Umm.... with great difficulty actually, but only at the moment. We are currently moving house and blogging about one's collection is hard when it is packed away! I have what is left in display cabinets still and as they are being packed up I am photographing them and will hopefully be able to blog about them. Although one other thing is all of my reference books are being packed away too! So I am relying a lot on the internet for info. Everything should be back to normal after Christmas!
I do have some painting to finish and will blog about the newly painted spool knitters when ready.