Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transogram Knobby Knitter

This set has just arrived and I
quickly photographed it
before it was packed away!

I love the graphics on the box top -
cleverly taking the older style
cotton reel and nails into the
modern era!

"Mrs. Oldtime Knittingspool's new bright
little child".

Illustrated by Isabelle Magor below.
Photo taken in the 1930's.

The set is dated 1938
by Transogram N.Y.

Originally there would have been two
spool knitters but unfortunately as happens
with so many like this, they get separated
and lost. The blue spool knitter here is
a great little character although still a little plain.
The tool is very much like the "Spears Games
loop lifter".

Here are some more of the fantastic
graphics on the box top.

Knobby Knitter - a very clever little gadget
to make ...... Hat-bands, Skipping Ropes, Baskets,
Belts, Purses, Mats, Pillow Tops, Horse-reins!
Also, the instructions are missing.
The set is numbered 68.


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