Friday, May 30, 2008


The Polly Ann Knitting Knob
is by Whitman Publishing Co. and
made in 1939.

The Top Notch spool knitter also by
Whitman Publishing Co. and dated 1949,
was "posted" about on May 10th.

It comes in this attractive little box.

The set is numbered 3935 and comes with a skewer
loop lifter.

The spool knitter measures 3 3/4 inches
or 9 1/2 cms. The finish on the wood is
red "stained" rather than painted.

Above - the directions found in the box along with
just two of the suggestions of what you might make with the
Knitting Knob.

Sunday, May 25, 2008



Peter-Austin Manufacturing produced some
well-known toys - Play Doh and Etch-a-Sketch for
example. (Etch-a-Sketch now by Irwin Toys).
Austin and Peter were brothers (now are
both deceased). The company was sold in 1984.
They were based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
hence the wording "Tricotin pour Petites
Filles" (Tricotin for
Little Girls) on the packaging of the
Little Miss Korking Set.

While I don't have an exact date for this set, I can safely
say it was produced before 1984!

The spool knitter is a red solid plastic with a yellow
tool (different to the one on the top of the box).

The spool knitter is 3 inches ( 7 1/2 cms ) long.

The side of the box.
The instructions both in English
and French, are found on the
bottom side of the box.


I have recently added another list to the sidebar
of the blog showing many makers of spool knitters.
This will be added to from time to time.
If any of you know of other makers
from your collection, please let me know and I will
add them to the list, thankyou so much.

I always love to hear from those of you who remember
your own "spoolknitting" days when you were younger.
Please keep your great emails coming, these little
remembrances will one day be displayed with my
spool knitter collection in our future
Sewing Museum.
A little example of what to include in your
comment/email will be found
in the side bar. Thankyou for

Coming up next - Polly Ann Knitting Knob!

Happy Spoolknitting!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Spool Knitters are found to be
made by toy companies, knitting wool
companies, and craft suppliers - both
hand tooled and machine-made.
Originally regarded as a toy, today
we recognize them as a craft tool for
both young and old.
Vintage sets often picture young
children using the spool knitter
and include patterns to
create simple items such
as toys, doll's clothes, and small
necessities for the home.

by Wimberdar

Those of you who are keen knitters must
have heard of the name of
Wimberdar - a large company
in England producing all manner of
knitting accessories including knitting needles,
crochet hooks, and in later years, knitting gauges.
The company was founded in 1883 by brothers
Francis & Uriah Critchley.

The French Knitting Outfit contains a simple
wooden spool with tiny nails. This set possibly
dates from the 1930's - 1940's.
The graphics on the box top remind me
of those "Sewing Susan Needlebooks" which if you
click here, will take you to the needlebooks
to which I refer.

The directions found in the box.

Saturday, May 10, 2008



This knitting spool set is dated 1949, No. 5342 and
made in the USA - Whitman Publishing Co.

Whitman Publishing Company is better known
for its very popular children's books - Little
Golden Books among others.
Also included in the paper products
line are Paper Doll Books and jigsaws,
and more.

Above is the top of the box stating contents - Plastic
Spool and Needle - Colored Wool Yarn.
Take a closer look at the boxtop and see if you
can tell me what is wrong with the picture?

Above - the inside of the box.

Pictures on the instruction leaflet showing
samples of what can be made.

Actual instructions.

Above and below - the spool knitter is made from a top
quality mottle blue solid plastic which is almost
like bakelite but it is much too glossy.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who Is it?

If you can tell me who this is, then I will be
happy. This shape "spoke" to me (originally
woodturned by my dear hubby), and I am
hoping that I got it right.
I am not ready to add the final touches
until I am satisfied!
So please let me know what you think.

Added - May 5 - Thanks to Kim!!
She saw it as Charlie Chaplin and she is
Now I will add the finishing touches..