Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strick - Barbel

Strick - Barbel

Isn't this a lovely sweet box top?
And she is actually spool knitting, not
knitting on needles.
Strick Barbel is German
for knitting Barbara.

This is the spool knitter found in this particular

I am sure that there are also different
spool knitters that would come in this

Another side of the box.

The directions for "Knit Racer". Do they
belong in this set?

In the world of spool knitting I find
more and more that you have to accept
what you get in these box sets.
It really gets like a mix and match
game which is a little frustrating -
don't you think?


Thought you might like to see my
little mosaic made through Flickr.



strick_else said...

Hi, great to hear from you again! I missed the blog!
And it's a lovely box!
Did you know that Bärbel is a short-/ nickname for Barbara?
Did you see the same Bärbel in efi 1, p.50. The older box from the 1940s obviously doesn't have a name on it. And I think that your box is from the 30s/40s as well.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi strick-else! .... thanks, I am glad to be back again. Editha's books are not yet unpacked so I will have to wait until I can look it up.