Friday, November 6, 2009

A Project for Christmas!

A Project for Christmas
(or anytime!)

Spoolknitted cords are the
perfect addition to any
type of knitted project.
Hats, scarves, jackets,
toys, etc. can include a
spool knitted cord in some way.

Adding a cord to a plain
afghan can be especially
appealing, keeping it simple
and elegant.

Follow a *plain stocking stitch
knit instruction for a plain
afghan in a burgandy or deep red
colour adding approximately
25 cms of cream colour border.
Spool knit a length of green coloured
cord and sew it in place all
around the outside edge
of the afghan.
Next spool knit 8 lengths of
green coloured cord and arrange
in a scroll pattern on the
cream border. Pin and sew
in place.
(Size will have to be determined
by you and the size of the finished

Variations of this could be
- Use the 8 lengths of cord as stems and
add wool felt leaves and flowers that
are then blanket stitched around
the edges.

- Use a continuous length of green cord
in a zigzag pattern over the cream

- Add a celtic patterned spool knitted
cord over the cream border.

*The afghan could be crocheted in a
plain double crochet instead of knitted.

What other ways can you think
of to add a decorative
spool knitted trim to your



Knittingand said...

I saw this on ebay and immediately thought of you!

Sorry for the long URL. If you look in crafts/spinning-weaving it's in there

crazyhaberdasher said...

Great find! Thankyou so much for thinking of me!