Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Discovery!!


It appears there is yet another
"totally different" 
Spears Games Knitting Nancy lurking
around somewhere in the world.

I discovered recently via the internet
that there was another Knitting
Nancy produced for the French

While the discovery was
only a box and it was missing the
original Knitting Nancy,
and that I would probably
never be able to possess it,
I thought, well then, I could
paint my own.

So with an image of the box top
I came up with this below -

(only needs the nails which will
be put in soon) 

(say Ay-i-sha
.... and also spelled A'isha,
Aisha, Ayesha and Ayisha)
is an Arabic female name.
Could it be because of the
Arabic name that she is
She would date from the late 1920's
because of the statement
regarding her new staples
(pointes en arc).

Though I still prefer
the "Knitting Nancy" to
"Aïcha", I am quite
fond of my
little reproduction.


(Now here she is all

I wonder if there are
others "out there"?!!!!



strick_else said...

Really a very interesting find! Do you own the box - or just saw a picture? Does it give any more clues?

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi strick_else!
No I don't have the box - though I think it might show up in Editha's hands!! There was only one photo to go by and I had my son adjust it to what you see in the blog. The detail of the print is a bit fuzzy.....but really not much else to go with there, only what I have given on the blog.
cheers, Maz

catsmum said...

did not see one single spool knitter for you at fryerstown :[

Cat said...

How interesting - I can't wait for the weather to be fleamarket friendly again!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Catsmum - never mind - I don't expect there are any great vintage Knitting Nancies to be found hardly anywhere in Oz! But thanks for looking just the same!

Cat - How wonderful to be able to go to a fleamarket in Germany (the home of the greatest vintage spool knitters to be found). They must be in plentiful supply!

Cat said...

I guess, it'll take a while longer ... it's snowing again ...

By the way, I got a blog award and wanted to pass it on to you. No obligation, not even to accept it ;-)

skippercollector said...

Do any of you ever find items made with these spool knitters? In 25 years of Barbie doll collecting, when I pick up cases of dolls and clothes, I may have found these knitted Barbie outfits just once or twice.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi skippercollector!
I have never found spoolknitted items or doll clothes, only cords in the boxes.
If any doll clothing was made, maybe they would be found with the dolls.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do, really, with the current post (love your version of Aicha, though!). What I'm wondering is how to get my hands on some of the knitting dolls at ChicKids. The website says that they don't deliver outside Australia. Did you contact Toyslink or Sailing Toys directly?


crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Jodi!
I am an Aussie and I purchased mine through Chickids.