Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Knitting Dolls

Collectors of spool knitters
are now being catered for very
well - there are more new knitting
dolls for us to enjoy!

We also find a repaint of a
knitting doll - the Japanese doll.


These new knitting dolls are Made in China
with a slightly different version of a box
from a previous set of knitting dolls.
Remember those in their bright yellow
boxes with six different knitting
dolls - Eskimo, Japanese doll, Indian boy,
Indian girl, farm boy in blue
overalls, and another boy in red overalls?
These sets of dolls are
also found in a "knitting Nancy"
reproduction box by Heritage Toys
and Games.
(Both these sets in"yellow" and
boxes are still being sold -
check out ebay.)

The wool supplied in the new
boxes are from Germany.
The loop tools are wooden
with a different colour ball
end. While the box remains
virtually the same, the various
craft shops, craft companies, toy
shops, and toy companies put
their own brand name/retail information
sticker on the boxes.
I wonder what we will discover next
about these sets!


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