Monday, September 27, 2010

Knitting Nancy gets a Makeover

 (before and after)

Knitting Peter
I had been wanting to give the Spear's Knitting Nancy of
the 1970's, 80's, and 90's a makeover for quite some
(Knitting Nancy is the product name given
to the spool knitters by Spear's Games)
 I have a large number of these common boring 
and hideous bright pink-faced Knitting
Nancies in varying degrees of condition, the one
that I have painted here had had an accident with
nail polish of all things! ... and it had been purchased
for next to nothing.
In the 1920's - 30's, there were both female and
male form Knitting Nancies made by Spear's
of Germany and UK .... the male was called
Knitting Peter (Strick-Peter).
I quite like how he turned out in light
blue top with dark blue pants.
I also like his little expression on
his face!

 Here is the original Spear's
Knitting Peter (right)
of the late 20's/30's.
Don't the two Peter's
make a nice family



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