Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have been a collector of 
spool knitters for a number of years
now. While I would still consider
myself an amateur/novice collector, there are
still some things you
should notice that would make a lot
of sense when it comes to buying
vintage spool knitters.

I have seen over the past months,
so called vintage spool knitters being
sold on the internet. Yes, they have
that old look about them, but did
they start out originally as spool knitters?

I have in the past spoken of recycling
items like salt & pepper shakers, skittles, or perhaps
turning skipping rope handles into spool
knitters. This is all well and good and I
accept this alternative ... I have done
this myself and have stated
exactly what they had been in
as "past life", purely for my
own collection,
.... but I do not accept
those being sold under false pretences
as unique, rare and very old spool

There is one seller in particular who makes
this claim on certain
listings, and I question this seller as to how
often he/she seems to continually find these 
supposedly rare and very old
spool knitters.

I notice things like the centre core of
the spool knitter as being newly drilled.
The diameter of the core is unusually
larger than normal. While the nails
have been stated as being oxidized, this
is easy to do yourself and nail them
into the top. If the piece is so old then,
wouldn't there be more wear at certain
areas of the so called spool knitter?
The area around the base of
the nails for instance, and also
around the spool knitter where it is held.
Some of the 'so called' spool knitters have
unusual extras or protuberances
like noses, ears, etc.,
so these should be showing signs of wear.
One of these were the chef salt shakers
(Salty and Peppy)
that are very easily recognized.... there are
so many of these that have been made.
The hat had been painted a different colour
which is also so easily done yourself.
The base of the "spool knitter" has
the recognizable concave which is
commonly found in salt & pepper
These are individual pieces also and
do not have a box.

I just want to say to be very aware
when it comes to buying - if they sell
at a low price, then that is fine and as it
should be with its
"past life" noted, but if the buyers do not
know and the piece sells for an
astronomical price, then that is absolutely

Serious collectors, please be aware of this,
 ask the seller lots of questions.
Read the descriptions carefully and check
out all of the photos, ask the seller for lots
more photos.
You do not want to pay ridiculous prices
for a salt shaker!

Please do make comments to me about
this - as I do want to know your thoughts too!



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