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Toy Knitting Outfit

Toy Knitting Outfit

Milton Bradley Co.
Springfield, Mass.  U. S. A.

Milton Bradley, born in 1836 in Vienna, Maine,
was first interested in lithography as a teenager.
By 1860 he had founded the Milton Bradley
Company and the first color lithography shop
in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Apart from games,  Bradley was
interested in children's education and
learning through play,
and the company also produced
materials for kindergarten children.

One such item was the Toy Knitting

This is box numbered 4348 and is found in
the "Bradley's School Materials and
Books" catalog dated 1921.
Front and back cover shown

Here is the page where it is found - and
another two sets are also mentioned here,
numbers 4195 and 4312.

Next we see the inside of the box (4348).

Oddly, I also have another set by Bradley which
is number 4200 (below). I am only guessing here but
this set could have possibly been made for the
general public. Inside, it has the larger 
spoolknitter which is also mentioned in the number
4195 set above.

This particular box has two of these - was
this set meant to have two? ... it is possible
as it could have been for sharing with a
brother or sister.
(The wooden spool with nails has been added
sometime later.)

So these sets are from the very early 1900's and
that makes them practically 100 years old!

I am so grateful to whoever took care of these sets
 that they remained in great condition.

(Bibliography -
Encyclopedia of Children's
Sewing Collectibles by 
Darlene J. Gengelbach - totally
recommend this book, I love it!)


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