Sunday, October 23, 2011


With Halloween fast approaching,
I wanted to show you some spool knitters
that I have recently purchased with
a Halloween/monster theme.

The first photo below shows
two spool knitters made by Janet (J Sorel).
She sells spool knitters via her Etsy site.
Here are "Suzy Sugar Skull" left, and
"Not Your Average Mummy" right.

The next photo shows two spool knitters/bobbins
from the Bobbins Series 1 painted by Holly Stanway
of the blog - A Little Stranger

You would be amazed at what you find
in the line of spool knitters!



Janet Sorel has had some of her
spool knitters featured in Vogue Knitting
Holiday Edition 2011 ....

(Oooppss!! - should read 5 not 6)



Janet S. said...

Thanks Maz! For showing off the Halloween Spool Knitters (a personal fav!) Happy Halloween!!!

~Janet :O)

Helmi said...

Hi, just found your blog. I love it. Look at mine art-spool knitters >>

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hello Helmi!
Thankyou for your kind comment. I love your kunstklosjes!! Would you sell some to me? ... cheers, Maz

skippercollector said...

That photo made my morning! It made me laugh out loud!