Monday, July 16, 2007


In the previous post I spoke about spool knitting being regarded as a children's craft activity and that I would show some of the boxes that I have with delightful graphics of children and knitting spools. I have limited this post to box tops and I will show boxes with their contents in another post.

Big Knitting Spool Outfit from Parker Brothers Inc. made in the USA, no date.

Big Knitting Set by Parker Brothers Inc., made in USA and dated 1956.

'Dolly Bobbin' Knitting Set - A Berwick Toy, made in England, no date.

Another 'Dolly-Bobbin' Knitting Set - a Berwick Toy, made in England, no date.

Bobbin Knitting Set by Philmar, Made in England, no date.

Knitting Spool Kit by Davis, made in USA, no date.

This is my favourite.
Knitting Spool Set by Toykraft, made in USA, dated 1936.

This is a very new spool knitter from Germany, Miene Strickliesel by Coppenrath and dated 2006. This delightful and colourful spool knitter comes in a tin. I have shown another spool knitter standing beside the tin.

Dolly Bobbin Knitting Set from Philmar and made in Great Britain, no date. This time we have an actual photo of a young girl working on her spool knitter.

I apologize for the poor camera work here. Another box with actual photo, "Work with Wool" from Dekkertoys London but made in Hong Kong, no date.

If anyone viewing this has any of these sets and can give me an approximate date/year, (perhaps when you received one as a child), please let me know, thankyou!

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Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Oh, I just love the Meine Strieklisl! (sp?) That's wonderful! And I love the box with the little Dutch girls... so sweet!