Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Knitting Nancy by Spears Games is the most commonly found spool knitter in Australia.
The Spears company was first registered in 1879 and operated up till it was by purchased by Mattel in 1994.
For information on Spears Games History click HERE.

There are a number of books with patterns for spool knitting. If you enjoy second-hand book shops, look in the children's craft section, there may be some books there that contain patterns for spool knitting. (Remember that what one calls spool knitting, someone else might call french knitting, or whatever, so be aware that it comes under different titles.) Also check op shops/thrift shops, and flea markets. For new books - look up eBay or Amazon. I have some French and German books. Look for -
Das Strickliesel Buch (German)
Tricotin Malin (French)
le Tricotin (French)
These are obviously written in French and German but it is very easy to follow the diagrams.
And also don't forget to check out the Crone-Findlay website!

Spool Knitting Instructions
These are from a Spears Handicraft Outfit booklet.
Hint - if you put a mark at the first spoke/staple/nail where you commence work, you will be able to keep track of each round and the number of rows.
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Sarah said...
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Anonymous said...

where is page number 1?

crazyhaberdasher said...

The instructions are complete that pertain to the spool knitter. The rest of the booklet is about other handicrafts.
As stated in the blog, the instructions were TAKEN from the Spear's Handicraft Outfit booklet.