Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Being the crazy collector that I am, I have to have a regular fix of spoolies, so, what better way than to make your own!

I have a large collection of sewing bits and pieces, so it wasn't hard to find empty wooden cotton reels/spools.

Here are a selection of spools, although they are a little small, but I continued on regardless and asked Chris (dear husband) to cut and nail some parts for me. I have decided to leave the labels on.

After sorting and glueing together, we now have the above line-up.

And here are three so far - I will add the next three as soon as they are completed.
Fiddly work with the smallest - pirate, being just 2 inches (5cms) tall, the granny about the same size, and the gentleman, at 3 inches (7cms). .....stay tuned!

..and here they are... these are smaller than 2 inches and I am not too happy with how they look ..... patchwork girl, young knave, and king. If there is a next time, I will be looking for larger samples.


catsmum said...

so great to see you using your not-inconsiderable paiting skills again [ happy dance ]
does this mean the studio's back in action?
can I have a cat one for my birthday ?
pretty please
or christmas ?
pretty please with sugar on ???
Love you

crazyhaberdasher said...

You must be reading my mind! I was looking at the blank spools and trying to see a cat in there but it didn't eventuate...this time...
I am going to have to think "outside the square" to find it, but I will have to get some bigger spools first. These are a bit tiny for you.