Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I am always happy to receive another spool knitter or two!
These are the latest arrivals and another piece of the puzzle......

After my post in August, I was lucky to find this Dutch Knitting Spools set by Samuel Gabriel Sons and Company from the USA.
Above - the side of the box

These are of the same style as the "Little Orphan Annie" and "Little Bo Peep". At first I thought that the "series" was children's book characters, but this find has changed that. I am even more curious as to what else may come to light regarding these types of spool knitters. Can I safely assume that they (this type) are all Made in USA by Samuel Gabriel Sons & Company?

The two spool knitters close-up, a dutch boy and girl.

These last two photos (below) are of the spool knitters (tricotins)
from France -
two cheeky characters and a mushroom.

This soldier is in its original box - Mon Tricotin in France.
(Just a pity there is no other information on the box.)
But it is always a plus to find them in their own boxes!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh how cute!!!!!! xo, Becky

msmaus said...

I came across your Spool Knitter blog dated Sept 26, 2007 while trying to research a Dutch Knitting Spool set I have. It's the exact one you have pictured; however, mine is not in as pristine condition as yours. I have the two spools--the paper has puckered and wrinkled some around the girl spool, but the boy spool is fine--and the two "needles" and instruction booklet plus a Samuel Gabriel Sons & Company label ("Books: Games: Kindergarten Toys - To Keep Busy The Little Hands and Little Head"); no yarn. The box lid is missing completely and the bottom is coming apart, but the cut-out form where everything "lives" is still pretty intact. Do you know when these kits were made? What they might be worth? Any information you can impart is much appreciated.
Thank you