Sunday, January 20, 2008



I would like to let you know of a new spool knitter group
that I have started on Flickr.
It would be a great place for you to post your photos
of your own spool knitters, vintage, new or
handmade, any packaging/boxes for spool knitters,
or if you want to discuss anything to do with
spool knitters.
So, I extend an invitation for you to join in the
group to share anything about spool
knitters ....... and have FUN!

Either click on "SPOOL KNITTER GROUP"
next to Nancy's photo above, or
click on the link in the right side column under the
heading - "Interesting Sites".


a. warped, knitter said...

Thank you telling me about your Flicker Spool knitting group. I went over and looked- what a wonderful collection you have. I'll have to get some pics takes so I can share. Was the "Invitation" link on the right of your main page supposed to take me to the Flicker site? It took me back to your blog.

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

Hi Mary! Glad that you will be joining the group. I tried the link - Spool Knitter Group on Flickr - and it worked for me. I don't know why it wouldn't work for you, maybe I will try to put another link in the actual post. I hope it works!