Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nancies Galore!

The "Knitting Nancy" population has exploded at my house!
There are vintage "Nancies", new "Nancies", and now ......
mini "Nancies"!
My most favourite spool knitter of all is the Spear's Games
Knitting Nancy (vintage) - which I don't think is any secret to you in blogland.
Below is a little mini itty bitty spool knitter in the shape
of Nancy. It arrived recently and was a huge surprise to me
when I opened up the little package. I am thrilled and very
fortunate to have been given it by a very talented woodworker!

Above - the key holder close-up. Isn't she just perfect?
Below -the very same friend also recently made these for

Blank "Knitting Nancies"

Hello Everyone!
Here we are!
The new "Knitting Nancies" have finally emerged.

Below - an original Spear's Knitting Nancy.

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