Saturday, July 5, 2008


This is a vintage knitting spool set from
Germany called Strick Spiel
(knit toy).
There is no makers name, no date, and no
clues on the small leaflet found in the
Possibly 1940's?
It seems that showing a child knitting
was easier than to show one actually
spool knitting! Or maybe the illustrator
did not know how to spool knit.
I wonder what the system was for
deciding how to "decorate" the
box for a new spool knitter toy?
Visiting an illustrator and asking for
a drawing of a child knitting I
suppose was much simpler
than trying to explain the
intricacies of using a spool knitter!
Or was it explained as faster knitting?
Clearly this young child is getting
exhausted with hers!
Nevertheless, I do really like
the graphics on this box!

Below is the spool knitter found in this box.
This spool knitter to me looks like the ones
made by Richard Lausmann of Bavaria.
Is it original?

Below - the Richard Lausmann spool knitter
So many questions!!!


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