Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Fairy" Knitting Dolls

The Fairy Knitting Dolls
were recently released
in Australia.

Here are the set of
pink, red, purple, green
and blue knitting dolls.

They are
indeed a delightful set!


(You would have noticed that the posts
have been somewhat irregular which
is due to current renovations on
the "new" house - please
do keep checking in often - I will do
my utmost to "keep you
posted".... : ) !


macati said...

loooove these fairies!!!! love their smiling faces and the colours

crazyhaberdasher said...

Yes, they are lovely and colourful!

Nathalie said...

Wow! They are so nice! I think that it is the same company as the dolls that you sent me. I imagine that I shall not be able to order them. Do you think that we cane do things as last time? I know that you are very occupied this it is not urgent. I also saw that there was a model lavender and a pink of the dolls which you sent me. Would it be possible for you to buy them from me also?
I went to visit antiquarians today and I did not find spool knitters. But, I found exactly the same salt & pepper shakers as those that you transformed in spool knitters!Is not it amazing? I also bought pretty knitting needles.I am going to put all this on Flickr possibly.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Nathalie! I well email you and let you know the details re knitting dolls order.
I am also looking for spool knitters at each antique shop, second hand shop, opportunity shop, etc., and have had just a little success - though they are the common type and not like those found in Germany or France. But still never let an opportunity go by - there may be something sometime!
I look forward to seeing your photos.