Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three boxes by Spear's Germany

Original Strickliesel

These boxes and stricklieseln were
produced by Spears Germany.

The left dates pre 1967
The centre dates from 1967 - 1979
The right dates after 1979
(this one is actually dated
1981 (MCMLXXXI))

(Thanks goes to strick_else - a good
friend in Germany and also a member
of my Flickr Spool Knitter group -
for the dating these boxes)

They are all No. 53002.

Above - the front of the leaflet
found in the "left" box.

Above - the front of the leaflet
found in boxes centre and right.
Both of these also have the
same knitting doll.

I am endeavouring to find
out more information
about the German
branch of Spear & Sons.
I am sure that it will come
to light in the near future.


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