Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Knitting Bee!

Sometime ago, I found an interesting
little "magazine/newspaper" titled
- Harper's Young People - An Illustrated
Weekly - Vol. II No. 80 -
dated Tuesday, May 10, 1881 -
published by Harper & Brothers,
New York -
Price Four Cents.

I consider it of great interest in
particular to
the spool knitter world.
Among its illustrations and stories
is an illustration/engraving of -
"The Knitting Bee" engraving of the painting
by G. H. Story
(engraved by J. Tinkey)

The two young girls are intent
on their knitting while the
young boy is very busy working
on his spool knitting.

I have zoomed in on the
spool knitter which appears to
be a specially made wooden
spool knitter (not a cotton
spool as I think they were
not yet available) which
has four wooden posts and
not nails.
(Click on picture
to enlarge)

Below is my interpretation of how
this spool knitter looks bearing
in mind that the boy's
finger is covering part of the

George H. Story (1835 - 1922)
was an American artist
perhaps better known for his 1916
painting of Abraham Lincoln, a picture
of which can be found HERE at the
AMICA Library.


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