Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Knitting Nancies

These are newly painted
Knitting Nancies in the tradition
of the vintage Spear & Sons
Knitting Nancy of the 20's - 30's.
They are being offered for purchase
through my Spool Knitter group
on Flickr where you will find
more information.
They are for members only
and limited to twelve
(and some have sold).
So if you are interested, you
are welcome to join the
group (link in side column)
and contact me for
Be quick, as should you
have a colour preference
there is a limit there also.

The Knitting Nancies
shown in the photo are
yet to have their loop posts
added but I assure you that
they will be complete
and have some little extras
included in each of their



mamouch said...

je ne sais pas si c'est trop tard, mais est-ce que je pourrai acheter un tricotin ???? j'ai commencé une collecction il y a quelques mois et je les trouver adorable. de plus je n'en toruve pas beaucoup , donc cela me ferait très plaisir de pouvoir en avoir au moins 1.
mercie de me répondre

crazyhaberdasher said...

Bonjour mamouch!
Can you email me at knittingbee dot telstra dot com and I will let you know the details.....thankyou very much for your interest!