Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rocket Knitting Nancy

This is the new (2008) Knitting Nancy
box from Rocket Toys and Games.
I find it a pity that the Knitting Nancy
itself was not changed. Aside from the
extremely pink face, this exact Knitting
Nancy has been around for about 30 years.

Below is the leaflet found in this box which
is printed on both sides.

Originally made by Spears Games which was
then taken over by Mattel, the Knitting Nancy
was not continued by Mattel. We now see it
being produced by Rocket Toys and Games of

Below is the first Knitting Nancy box
from Rocket Toys and Games.

Although a different Knitter is pictured on the
box, the actual Knitter found inside is the one
shown here on the right.



Lisa said...

Oooh! That's the same Knitting Nancy I have. Can't believe they're still using the exact same design as they were back in the 1980s!

crazyhaberdasher said...

That's right Lisa! Don't you think it is about time that they made a different model?