Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here is a very attractive sewing kit
(valise couture) made by
Moulin Roty - France.

This little carry case holds
all of the young child's
requirements for
sewing and knitting.

Tape measure, embroidery thread, scissors,
spool knitter, crochet hook, buttons,
thimble, cottons, sewing
needles, knitting needles, and wool.

Of course, the spool knitter is the main
attraction here. Measuring just 6 cms
from top to bottom including the staples,
in the cutest mushroom shape.

This set is new, very well made, and it
will quickly become a collectible for
the future.

Details : Moulin Roty S.A.
44390 Nort-Sur-Erdre


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