Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Here is another newly painted spool knitter, this
time in the traditional style
of those Made in Czechoslovakia.

Again, my dear friend had so kindly woodturned for me
another fantastic spool knitter from my sketch.

There are a few ways of knowing that these are
Made in Czechoslovakia.
Firstly, that they may have a stamp under the base of
the spool knitter "Made in Czechoslavakia" -
but it could be very faint.
A characteristic of the face is the big blue
Many have yellow "pants" and brown base.
There is a thin black line at the neck, waist,
and ankles.

Through the power of blogging, I have met
other collectors. One such collector has very
kindly given me permission to use her photo (above)
of her Czechoslovakian "Soldier" which she had
as a young child. She dates hers as being from
the late 1940's. Thankyou so much for
sharing your photo and information.

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A. Warped, knitter said...

The two "soldiers" are intresting- not exactly alike but you can tell they're "brothers". Thank you for sharing.