Friday, February 1, 2008


Recently, a dear friend turned some
shapes of spool knitters
that I designed. He is so clever to work out exactly what
I wanted from my rough sketches.
Below is just one of the sketches that he
worked from.
I wanted a fun shape that was easy to hold and
I decided to try an egg-shape.
I thought that making it a "Humpty" character
would be something entirely different to
other spool knitters.

So, we go from the above to this, below.

.....and, Hello!

Here I am!

A Humpty Dumpty Spool Knitter!


macati said...

cool humpty! I've been reading Alice in wonderland lately... funny coincidence!

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

Thanks! I am rather pleased with how he turned out!
Alice in Wonderland?....Wonderful!

Fran├žois said...

He's just great, well done !

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...

Thanks so much, Francois!

crazyhaberdasher / knittingbee said...
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