Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have discovered a game named
"Toy Knitting Outfit" by Bradley
The graphics on the lid show hands
using a 'spool knitter'. These
graphics look very old.
The picture below shows
spool knitters (box free) that I
have that are also very similar
the Bradley set. There is also a
yarn guide on the side just like these
as well as the staples (loop holders).
Going by the graphics on the lid, I would
date the Bradley set as 1910's - 1920.
Now what I am getting at here is this.
It was originally thought that the
Spear's Games Knitting Nancy was
first to introduce the staple.
The Knitting Nancy was released
in 1926!

Above shows the coiled spring on the side
which is suppose to guide the yarn as
you work. The spring is moved as
each loop is worked.
This was to give you even stitches.

I am sorry that I cannot show you the picture
of the Bradley game as it is not mine. If you
have one for yourself, then I consider you
very, very lucky, as they would be rare.

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A. Warped, knitter said...

I've been away too long. You have posted a lot of nice spools. I have one of these- I thought the little coiled spring on the side was to store the hook in. Your explanation makes so much more sense