Monday, March 17, 2008



Berwick Toys (England) made many sewing kits
one of which can be seen on "crazyhaberdasher"
- my blog about vintage sewing.
The two sets that follow - Needlecraft
Embroidery Set and Needlecraft for the
Junior Miss, contain sewing requirements
plus knitting requirements including a
"Dolly Bobbin" with instruction leaflet.

These sets are "as found" and you can see
that both have had some use. The "Dolly Bobbins"
are painted wood with four small nails
for holding the loops.
Above - this model's face is painted differently
to the model - Below....which has big blue
eyes and pink circle cheeks.

Above - 'Dolly-Bobbin' Knitting Set with the box
top showing a rather large size model in comparison
to the two children. The model on the box top showing
a painted colour face while the model inside the box
has the simple black outline features.
Also comparing this with the model in the Needlecraft
set, you will notice the difference in the painting of
the body with the black added at the chest
and the base.

Below - here are a few 'Dolly-Bobbin' Knitting Sets
again, as found.

The above last two boxes have plastic models.
It is such a pity that the production costs forced the quality
of these 'Dolly Bobbins' to be reduced so much that
they now look so cheap and would break easily.
Even the faces now only have a simple stick-on
printed face.
(And it isn't just this company, it is the case with so
many of the toy companies.)

Above - more of the same plastic type model.
Curiously, I also found a leaflet in it
by Spear's Games - is it an addition?

Dating any of these would purely be guesswork as a lot
of these sets are found without any dates. All we have
to go by are the graphics.

So if any of you had these as a child, I would love to
hear from you so that we could get some approx.
time-line for these sets. Thankyou!

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