Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not Another One!?

I hope you don't mind another look at
another new Knitting Nancy (Spear's
style), but this one is a little different,
believe me.
You know that I can never have enough
of this style spool knitter, and I made
a special request to my very special
woodturner friend to make a "Nancy" of
a different size - 20cms.
The original vintage "Nancies" are
10cms in height.
As I started with this painting project, I
thought that you might like to see the
work in stages.
So, here is the blank 20cms, very nicely
turned by my talented friend.

Below - the painting has started.

Legs, head, and other details

And here she is complete with
arms and knitting. I have yet
to give her a protective acrylic
coating to make her all shiny.

Here she is - comparing her size
with the other most recent newbies of the group.

Now I will sneak yet another one in here, this
one is my dear husband's first attempt at turning
a Knitting Nancy (Spear's style). Of course,
painted by me - I call this one a Lego Knitting Nancy!
It still needs the nails and hollowed centre
for it to be a working model.
It is around 14cms in height.

Again, the group photo showing the different


catsmum said...

I think Chris's one has character!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of these spool knitters.
Mine - as I remember it, from 40 plus years ago - was only made from a wooden spool (formerly a spool of thread) with nails pounded in.