Sunday, March 2, 2008


I am back to plastic again for this post.
Below - one that I am sure is familiar to a
lot of you. Being of very recent manufacture,
is this very solid plastic French Knitting Bee from
"Classic Knit" and Made in China which comes
complete with dual size
pom pom maker and awl (to use
with the knitting bee).

Next, we have a cheaper knitting toy "Jeannette" by
Jean Hoefler & Co. of West Germany.
The spool knitter is of a firm plastic but with
hard play I would say it would easily break.

Now for something a little different is this child's
"first cool knitting machine".
These are available worldwide under other brand
names. This one is by Moose Enterprise Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia - and it is Made in China.

This one is called Carly Cow. The
base is turned to operate the mechanism just
like the other hand held knitting machines
that are currently available.

Some other characters available are - Doris Duck,
Penny Pig, and Fran Frog (and I have seen others as well).


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your Nitta Critta from? I've been trying to locate one.



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