Friday, March 13, 2009


Many vintage catalogs
carry a great deal of information
for collectors of toys.
Dating the toy, of course, is one
important fact, as well as, the
look of the toy and the packaging/box,
all the contents contained in the box,
very often the maker's name can
be found, and also what other
similar sets were offered.
Such is the case with the last
piece of information.

I was able to discover two
more knitting sets that were
available to children in the 1930's.

The W. Bingham Co. offered a
Tricky Knit and a Loom Weave
Knitting Outfit.

This little soldier above is also found in
the Toykraft Knitting Spool Set from

Above is the Loom Weave
Knitting Outfit with its knitting spool
and other knitting requirements.
(Click picture for larger image)

Surprisingly, on looking for some
information on the W. Bingham Co.,
we discover that it was mainly a hardware
company! For more information - see here.


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