Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Noreen Crone-Findlay


Noreen's boundless enthusiasm, her capability and
knowledge in so many fields of yarncraft and
crafts, writing and publishing books,
internet connections, her crafting of
wooden needlework tools and
spool knitters, beautiful
artwork and painting, and her extreme talent
in producing so many lovely patterns,
never ceases to amaze me!
She is down-to-earth and has a great sense of
humour - always looking on the bright side of life,
and is always approachable. If you have a
question/problem regarding
spool knitting (or any of the yarncrafts),
Noreen is the one to ask.

Here is more about Noreen ............
...."Noreen is passionate about the fiber arts. She is an
author, professional blogger, designer, doll maker,
jewelry maker and carver of handmade fabulous and
fanciful needlework tools. She takes the greatest of
delight in opening doorways to creativity for her
readers and workshop participants. Noreen can not,
however, dance, so don't ask her. Noreen is married to the
most wonderful guy on the planet, composer and jazz musician,
Jim Findlay. They are blessed by being friends with
their daughter and her husband, and their son and
his wife. They have lots of cats and many dogs in
their extended family."...............

Because Noreen's talents are numerous,
I think it would practically take a
whole book to talk about all of them.
As this is a blog about Spool Knitters and
spool knitting, I want to focus
on that side of things.

Below are
Noreen's two newly published books -
Rosie Recycle Dolls and Spooligarumi
which would be of particular interest
to fellow spool knitters.

(image shown with kind permission by Noreen)

Rosie Recycle Dolls is available to purchase
in book form - click here.
Mary-Beth Temple of Getting Loopy
recently spoke with Noreen in an interview
about her Rosie Recycle Dolls book and a little
about herself - listen here.

(image shown with kind permission by Noreen)

Spooligarumi is available in
PDF form - click here.

I have the great fortune of owning some of Noreen's
magnificent one-of-a-kind spool knitters.

Noreen did a series on one of her favourite authors -
Jane Austen. Both Noreen and myself love this
era and I was so thrilled when Noreen created them
for sale. Above and below are four of the

Noreen will also create spool knitters by request -
below being my special spool knitter.
You will also see in the foreground a fabulous
one-of-a-kind crochet hook, one of many by Noreen.

Below are some more of my collection of
spool knitters by Noreen and another of her
books - Spool Knitting Treasures (2002).
Click here to order.

In the column to the right of my blog page are links to -
her website (you will also
find many individual patterns here for spool
knitting), her two blogs,
her spool knitter group on Yahoo,
and her tutorials on how to spool knit. She also has a
group on Ravelry - Cool Spool.
I am also proud to have her as a member in my own Spool
Knitter group on Flickr.

Sad to say that Noreen no longer
makes spool knitters for sale.
Also, Noreen asked if I would take
over her Yahoo Group for a
while, and I am very honoured
to do so and have now for
over a year.



Holly said...

What a talented lady! I will be adding those books to my wishlist ^-^!

crazyhaberdasher said...

I am hoping that they will be my special birthday gift!!

Maven said...

Noreen is truly a treasure!

crazyhaberdasher said...

We are fortunate that we have Noreen - not only is she a fabulous person, she also shares her knowledge with us.