Friday, March 6, 2009

Kentoys Product

Magic Knitting Machine
Made by Kentoys Ltd, Hong Kong

It is such a shame that these knitting
machine toys are no longer being made.
I was fortunate recently to find these
two old stock toys - so there could be more
still around hiding in some dark box in the
back of an old toy shop.
There is no date at all to be found on
the toy, the package, or with the

However, there was a patent applied for and this
can be found on the internet.
The inventor of this particular knitting machine is
a Mr. Wai Kwok Wu of Hong Kong.
The date of the patent is Aug. 21, 2001.
Below are just two of the pages in the application -

There are eight characters in the series - Grandmother, Lady,
Little Girl, Little Boy, Duck, Chicken, Bird, and (I think it is.....a)
Squirrel? (click to enlarge photo)
Added March 15th - I have now found out that the "Squirrel"
is an Owl.

The above Little Girl is the model in the
Patent's illustrations.

Early in 2008 I did a post on plastic knitters.
I introduced these Nitta Crittas by Moose Enterprises
Pty Ltd, a Melbourne company but
the toy is Made in China and they are
Carly Cow, Doris Duck, Penny Pig
and Fran Frog.
No date again so I cannot say if these were
earlier or later than the Kentoys' model.

These appear to be as rare as hen's teeth
much like the Magic Knitting Machine.
If, by chance, anyone reading this has any or
knows where I might find any of these little
machines, both the Kentoys Magic Knitting
Machines and the Nitta Crittas,
I would dearly love to hear
from you. I am very keen to find more
of these!



Lee said...

Hi. I found another link. You might be lucky to get all.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Lee! ...... sadly that is an old link and the website no longer has them ..... :(
But thankyou anyway, I appreciate you looking for me.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I have a Nitta Critta of my own but have lost the instructions on how to thread the wool into it. the one i have is the Carly the Cow posted on your site. Is there any possiblity of you posting the instructions of how to thread that machine on the net so i can continue to use my machine. Thanks, I'll check back in a few days.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi anonymous ....... I have the directions on file. As it is a tiny instruction sheet, I have enlarged it to 175% so, if you email me (address in profile) privately, then I can send it to you. Are you in Australia?

Curlie said...

Hi, I recently found at Kentoy Duck spool knitter at a local op shop. It is very cute. However I am having trouble figuring out how to operate it. So far I have just made a big mess. Do you have any instructions on how to use this spool knitter. It has Kentoys 1993 and patent pending imprinted in the plastic.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Curlie!
How lucky you are! These are so hard to find.
The directions are found on this post. You have to use a smaller ply yarn and not operate it too quickly. Just slowly and evenly.

Unknown said...

Hi there, I recently found the girl magic knitter at an opshop. Its in used condition obviously but still looks like its all working. No idea how to use it though.....