Thursday, October 4, 2007


Please, KNOW what you are buying,
gather any information you can,
seek out all pictures- vintage and new.
Not all sellers are experts.

Recently, there was a sale on the internet of a penguin spool knitter
which was being sold as a rare Laine du Pingouin tricotin (French spool knitter).
Needless to say it sold for a considerable sum of money
but it wasn't authentic! I felt that I should show the differences
between these spool knitters for future reference.

I have two "Laine du Pingouins" - one of which is in its original box.
Below are the two originals - the one on the right came with the box
and is the earlier model of the two.
(Note the orange bases and the large, very long beaks.)

Below are two penguin spool knitters that I recently purchased from England.
They are new
(and fabulous), and cost me around AU$9.00 each.
This is the penguin spool knitter
that was mistaken for the "Laine du Pingouin".
They are not fakes, and they were not intended to be a
reproduction of
the "Laine" pingouin.
Below - a close up of the "Laine Du Pingouins".
Below - a close up of the new penguins with their gold
coloured nails. Their paint finish is glossier although it is hard
to see it in these photos,
Group photo with the "Laine du Pingouin" in the middle.
Below are the bases for comparison.
Left - is the "Laine du Pingouin" and
stamped FRANCE on the bottom and is bigger
in diameter.
Right - the new Penguin spool knitter from England.
Here is the sheet of instructions included with the
"Laine du Pingouin" knitting kit .I know that there is very little written about spool knitters,
but for collectors, don't pay any more for a spool knitter than what
it is worth - and I repeat, KNOW what you are buying.

I don't call myself an expert and I welcome all
comments, opinions, criticisms, all in
an effort to learn more about spool knitters.
Please share what you know,
I would love to hear from you!

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