Monday, October 15, 2007


Recently, a very generous friend made me some fabulous tricotins
(french spool knitters), based on the ones from the pages of
Marie Claire Idees No. 62 Septembre 2006.

Due to a very busy schedule I have just managed
to paint two so far.

Here is one original (below) between the newly turned tricotins.

I chose these two to paint first. They are rare tricotins
especially here in Australia, and so because of that
I decided to keep the traditional look of these
just as they are found in the magazine.

I have been very lucky to find one original and here it
is again with the two newly painted tricotins.

Here are some tricotins featured in the magazine - Marie
Claire Idees.
The next three tricotins will be posted as soon as they are finished.


Fran├žois said...

They are so lovely, you did a wonderful work with the painting. They now have a true personnality of their own.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thankyou Francois! They are a joy to paint because they are so well-made!

macati said...

I loooove tricotins... I've got an old one when I was a child... I'll be back to see more of you!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Macati, I would love for you to share your memories of using your tricotin when you were a I call for all others to do so. Was it a gift? Was it in a box? How old were you or what year did you receive it? Was it brand new or vintage? If you still have it (and possibly the box it came in) can you share a picture of it? ...all this would help in the journey to finding out origins, etc..... Thankyou for your comment and thankyou for sharing.