Sunday, October 7, 2007


Due to a very busy schedule this week,
this is a very short post.
Just a little something for the eye!
These are spool knitters from France where they are called
tricotins. The faces are somewhat childish
which leads me to believe that they were produced
in a cottage industry, where everyone painted them
professional or not.
Do you see a pattern here?
The three on the left I would believe to be painted by one worker.
The three in the middle I believe to be painted by another worker.
The green (white apron) and the red (yellow apron) another worker.
And the fellow on the end, another worker.
Would you agree with me?

I am currently involved in much crafting and painting, so I hope to have
something special to show you within the week!

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catsmum said...

Maz do you remember the Knitting nancy I got you from Daylesford ? - I think it was the red one and you already had green or vice versa. She has the yellow one now. So you need one?