Friday, October 26, 2007


Finally, I have finished painting the next two
tricotins/spool knitters
cleverly turned for me by my
very generous friend.

The larger of the two, I have painted as a Spanish Rose.
She wears a lacy top and also has gold earrings.
I felt that this tricotin/spool knitter was able to be painted differently
rather than traditionally seeing that it
was unusually bigger than its original. (see post "New Tricotins")

The second one is somewhat of a mixture of
ideas. Not too sure about what I wanted, but I didn't
want the traditional style who all seem to be a
cheeky looking masculine figure.
I would have liked perhaps a Victorian style figure
but as the skirt would need to be longer, that would
have looked a little silly.
So I ended up trying a different colour combination,
making it a female, with a lacy skirt.
Quite a mixture, but I suppose it all adds
to her character!

Sorry about the glare!
So what do you think?
Please click on pictures to enlarge them, you can see
the detail of the flowery lace!


Nathalie said...

I like these tricotins! I like your idea of painting new styles. And they are full of attractive details to. Bravo!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi Nathalie! .... thankyou! I am so glad that you like these. I was playing around with a few ideas and colours.