Monday, January 26, 2009

New Arrival for 2009!

Djeco - from Paris

I just found this on the internet!
A new french knitting doll to be released
for 2009 - would love to get one when
they become available - one for
the collectors in blogland to look for.
Price? A little pricey at AU$29.95!
But definitely a future collectible!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps!

When it comes to the history of
spool knitters, what
little information or scrap of paper
or even dilapidated piece of
cardboard box - no matter how
insignificant it may seem to some -
can be very important.

I found a box top which luckily
someone thought might be needed.
I am amazed that it wasn't tossed out.
Then again some would be amazed that
someone else would pay money for
something like this! .....
badly stained,
extremely old,
and very little to it but
surprisingly it would have
been quite a large boxed set.

Kindergarten Gems for the Little Tots -
by Milton Bradley Co. Springfield, Mass.
Number 4244.
This is a set which involved sewing cards as
well as a "toy knitter".

A little while ago I posted about a trade card from
Milton Bradley dated 1879
which had a similar illustration to the
one pictured here on the underneath of
the box top.

Look closely at each diagram of
the spool knitter and you
will see they differ slightly in shape.
Even though there is no date, I would
say that this set would have been from around
the same time as the trade card at 1879.
(Sorry it is not the best of photos.)

I would love to hear from anyone who
knows anything about this set - they
may have seen one or might have one
But really it is a wonder that this
had survived at all.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Strick - Barbel

Strick - Barbel

Isn't this a lovely sweet box top?
And she is actually spool knitting, not
knitting on needles.
Strick Barbel is German
for knitting Barbara.

This is the spool knitter found in this particular

I am sure that there are also different
spool knitters that would come in this

Another side of the box.

The directions for "Knit Racer". Do they
belong in this set?

In the world of spool knitting I find
more and more that you have to accept
what you get in these box sets.
It really gets like a mix and match
game which is a little frustrating -
don't you think?


Thought you might like to see my
little mosaic made through Flickr.