Thursday, May 31, 2012


Magic Knitting Machine

The searching has paid off, I now have a
complete set of 8 of the Kentoys
Magic Knitting Machines!!
For more information, see Kentoys - Labels
right hand column.
Below are the final four that
I needed.
Chicken, Bird/Seagull, Girl and Boy.


Friday, May 11, 2012


I have discovered another spool knitter artist (painter of spool knitters) 
and this time she is home grown!
I would like to introduce you to Maria Murdaca, a gifted
artist and fellow Aussie, who lives
in Queensland, Australia. Maria has a gallery
of her beautiful paintings on canvas and wood..
When it comes to spool knitters, 
Maria's style is delightful and I love the faces she paints on
her spool knitters.

I asked Maria if she would tell me a little about herself and
 she very kindly wrote back ......
"I started painting with a Folk Art teacher in the late
1980's, I loved it and continued to challenge myself
always to improve my work by trying to paint something
more difficult.
In the year 2000 together with my daughter and niece, 
we opened a craft shop, having all I needed around
me including lots of inspiration.
I had lots of visiting teachers doing workshops whose class I would
also attend, so my knowledge of the art world grew
and I started to express myself a lot easier.
In 2009 I started a class with a professional Art Teacher
- Michael Zaiter - who pushed me further into creating my own
paintings without the need to trace as you do in most
Folk Art.
I have loved every minute of the work I have painted in the past
with every medium including mixed media and collages,
some of my work is showing on my website at -
in the Image Gallery."

You can also find out a little more about Maria if you click on the
"About Me" link on her website.

Below are some more of her wonderful spool knitters -

The Red Riding Hood is currently my favourite!

Mammy and Granny are great characters!

Thankyou Maria, it is wonderful to know you!