Friday, July 20, 2012


Pretty Boxes

Here are some of my favourite little spool knitter boxes I thought that I would share with you. I love the graphics on these vintage spool knitting sets (as well as the contents, naturally) and I am so grateful and happy that all who owned these boxes originally/previously, looked after them. It is not unusual for items to get separated, lost, destroyed and tossed out, and to have these sets now is very much appreciated.
From a collector's point of view, the box is just as valuable as the contents, however not all boxes hold the necessary details of its age, maker and where it was made, which is a shame, or even to the details of the actual artist that was involved in the painting/graphics of the box.
Spool knitting sets of today are mainly packed in plastic, and here I usually try to obtain two of an item, one to keep, and one to "play". You can also photograph them, date them, add details of price, where purchased, etc. on a large tag and attach to the spool knitter.
If you are a very keen collector, then you might purchase your own small boxes, and place a photo of the item on the box, and include all the details inside.
Usually, as with most cheaper childrens' toys, they really were not looked upon as a potential collectible. Who would have thought that the simple spool knitter would be considered that way?

Now if you look carefully at the above photo, you may notice something that seems "out of place".
The Rahmen-Stricken set (or Frame Knit) by Klee, is actually a small square frame with 16 pins secured into the open wooden frame and measures 7cms X 7 cms. It works just the same as a spool knitter, you knit around the frame and end up with a wider knitted tube. It is a very sweet set and I had to include this in my collection. 

There is no date on this box, but I would guess possibly 1920's. Brand name Klee, and it is made in Germany.