Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New French Knitting Pattern Book 2011

Here is a fantastic new book by
Heather Kingsley-Heath.
It is an A4 size, 32 page book available from - 

Heather has created wonderful projects using
the spool knitter. I just love the cutest dolls that she
 has designed. There is also lots of jewellery, home decor, and toys.

 Above shows the back cover.

You will be spool knitting away to your heart's
content with these lovely projects.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

1974 Spool Knitting Patterns for Kids

(click to enlarge)
Found this in a vintage Australian magazine - Woman's World -
October 16, 1974

Something for the children to make! ... and I hope
that they can use these ideas for more of their own, 
like adding extra touches or embellishments.


Sunday, October 23, 2011


With Halloween fast approaching,
I wanted to show you some spool knitters
that I have recently purchased with
a Halloween/monster theme.

The first photo below shows
two spool knitters made by Janet (J Sorel).
She sells spool knitters via her Etsy site.
Here are "Suzy Sugar Skull" left, and
"Not Your Average Mummy" right.

The next photo shows two spool knitters/bobbins
from the Bobbins Series 1 painted by Holly Stanway
of the blog - A Little Stranger

You would be amazed at what you find
in the line of spool knitters!



Janet Sorel has had some of her
spool knitters featured in Vogue Knitting
Holiday Edition 2011 ....

(Oooppss!! - should read 5 not 6)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dime Store and Hang Packets

Dime Store and Hang Packet Spool Knitters

Dime Stores or Variety Stores were popular for shoppers who had little money to spend.
A great many items found could be purchased for just five or ten cents in the earlier years.
Many items were Made in Japan and they produced cheap toys in abundance.
Among these were spool knitters. Spool knitters, long considered a child's simple toy, were
easy to produce and therefore an excellent product for the Dime Store or Variety Store.

(I apologise for the poor images in this post, due to the plastic covers there
was a lot of light reflections that were hard to avoid)

Above, we have a combined knitting and embroidery set. The five post spool knitter
measures just 5 1/2 cms and is a plain wooden spool inside a colourful cardboard surround.
The amount of thread or yarn found in these sets typically is not sufficient for any sort of
project. No date but probably circa 1950's.

Above are two packets with the same spool knitter (these were
scanned separately then the photos placed side by side, actually both the
spool knitters are the same size).
The five post wooden spool knitter measures 5 1/2 cms. The packet on the
left "Kiddy Knitting Set" shows no markings other than Made in Japan, the packet
on the right "Knitting Spool Set" is marked Jodai Toys and probably circa 1950's.

Next are two plastic spool knitters. On the left, Horse Reins Knitting
Spool, Made in Japan with the five post spool knitter measuring 5 1/2 cms.
On the right, Knitting Dolly by House Martin is very typical of the Knitting Bobbin
by Philmar an English Toy Company of the 1950's/60's.
(See Philmar in Labels)
This four post spool knitter measures 12 cms.
Both these spool knitters are probably late 50's early 60's.

This combination knitting/weaving set is by Galoob No. 9130 and 
made in China. The plastic four post spool knitter measures 7 1/2 cms.
Lewis Galoob Toys was founded in 1957 (for more information on the
company see here). This set is probably around 1970's/80's.

Above is Knitting Crafts by Cantini and Made in China.
 This one is dated 1992 with the four post plastic spool knitter
measuring 8 cms.
(No information could be found on Cantini).

Above left by HP (purchased in Germany) is a common spool knitter
of the 1990's - 00's and found in many different packages or boxes.
The four post wooden spool knitter measures 12 cms.
Above right - Spool Knitting Kit made in Taiwan is of the 2000's.
The four post plastic spool knitter measures 6 1/2 cms.
Spool knitters now are geared toward the jewellery making side
of crafting.

Last is a Knitting Bracelet Set by Candy Babes.
No date here but states that it is made for Woolworths London.
The four post plastic spool knitter measures 10 cms and the
extremely large tool measures 21 cms!
Circa 2000's.
These are just a few that I have found and hope to
continue to find others.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Announcing the June Bride Competition

There is a brand new competition 
now underway over at Yahoo Spoolknitter
(link in right-hand column of blog)
and not to be confused with Flickr Spool Knitter,
but you are most welcome there too!
If you want to join in the fun,
come on over and join our Yahoo group
and you will then get to know the details
for the competition.
The prize?.......
is not one!.... but TWO hand painted
spoolknitters below ....

Competition closes May 29th!

The Happy Couple!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Penelope Magazine

Vintage Magazines from France

As most of you are well aware, to find information
or patterns involving spool knitting is rare.
However, if we travel back to 1920's - 1930's
in France, we find a publication called Penelope
which at this time was featuring a column called

 I am more convinced than ever that the
art of spool knitting was so much more popular
in Europe than anywhere else in the world.
I have been fortunate to find, in the small
number of issues that I have of the 
Penelope magazine dating 1929 -
1933 this regular feature using imaginative
ideas for things such as -
a lightshade, fancy dress costume,
soft toy, collar & cuffs, accessory
for a doll house, and a crown.

Toutou, Mon Chien
(my puppy dog)

The magazine tells us that the mushroom
tricotin (spool knitter) you see pictured
in the graphics at the top of the column
is available at - La Redoute (fashion district)
in Roubaix, Nord for 6 francs via post.

Work of Wool
and Patterns

The magazine at this time was printed on paper
like newspaper, black and white inside and only
a colour front cover. This cover often
featured a photo of knitted or crocheted
fabric. It usually consisted of
just 20 pages. To find any further information
regarding Penelope magazine has been fruitless.
However, I will continue to try
and find any info I can.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toadstool Knitting Set

Toadstool Knitting Set
made by
Made in England

This is a particularly fun looking
boxed set from Miladi.
I would say it is
circa 1950's.
The colourful graphics are
eye-catching as are the happy
little Pixies.

Inside this set (as found)
are two toadstool/mushroom
knitters, scraps of wool,
"tubes" of embroidery thread
labelled "Miladi",
and an instruction
 leaflet whose cover
 matches the box lid.

Close-up of the 
toadstools/mushroom knitters.

Miladi was part of the Berwick
Toys Company and of which there were
a number of childrens' sewing sets
in odd shaped boxes - either
octagonal, or
six-sided, using this label.


Here again, we find
the delightful pixies
on the box top.