Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun With Wool

It is quite a common question
- "What do you do with Spool-
Knitted Cord?"

It does appear to be a rather fruitless
occupation. "You have a very fine
knitted cord - not much can be done
with it" say!

There appears to be very little written
about the subject with very little offering
in the way of patterns.

I am always looking for books that
have anything to do with spool knitting.

There are some books that have been
published in France and Germany.
It appears that this craft is more popular
in these countries - and has been the case
for many more years - than anywhere
else in the world.

I have, in the past mentioned some
books on my blog.

Here is another one to add to the list -

Fun With Wool
Marie-Françoise Héron
It is published in French
and English language.

It is a paperback size with 96 pages -
over half of the book deals with
projects for french knitting.
It is still available to purchase on
the internet.

You can also check the links on my
blog for other sites that offer patterns
and of course, don't forget
Noreen Crone-Findlay has
published books on spool knitting -
these links are there also.
Plus, if you are a member
of Ravelry,
Noreen has a group there called
"Cool Spool: Spool Knitting Beyond
the Cord".
My Spool Knitter group on Flickr
welcomes new members - the photos
by other members can provide
inspiration also. (Link to
Flickr is in the side column).


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Knitter

Here is a rather plain little
spool knitter called "Little Knitter"
by Spear's Games - England

It is *my opinion that it is possible
these sets were sold during the WWII years.

The illustration leaflet above is printed in black
and white.

The directions are puzzling in that
the diagram here is a totally different
looking spool knitter.

The painted Knitting Nancy on
the right is the "after WWII" model
and is exactly the same shape
as the plain model.

Above shows the wording on the
box top.

* If you have an opinion,
or agree with me, or know anything
about this "Little Knitter" please do
let me know. We are all here to
learn what we can about spool knitters.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three boxes by Spear's Germany

Original Strickliesel

These boxes and stricklieseln were
produced by Spears Germany.

The left dates pre 1967
The centre dates from 1967 - 1979
The right dates after 1979
(this one is actually dated
1981 (MCMLXXXI))

(Thanks goes to strick_else - a good
friend in Germany and also a member
of my Flickr Spool Knitter group -
for the dating these boxes)

They are all No. 53002.

Above - the front of the leaflet
found in the "left" box.

Above - the front of the leaflet
found in boxes centre and right.
Both of these also have the
same knitting doll.

I am endeavouring to find
out more information
about the German
branch of Spear & Sons.
I am sure that it will come
to light in the near future.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Fairy" Knitting Dolls

The Fairy Knitting Dolls
were recently released
in Australia.

Here are the set of
pink, red, purple, green
and blue knitting dolls.

They are
indeed a delightful set!


(You would have noticed that the posts
have been somewhat irregular which
is due to current renovations on
the "new" house - please
do keep checking in often - I will do
my utmost to "keep you
posted".... : ) !