Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Discovery!!


It appears there is yet another
"totally different" 
Spears Games Knitting Nancy lurking
around somewhere in the world.

I discovered recently via the internet
that there was another Knitting
Nancy produced for the French

While the discovery was
only a box and it was missing the
original Knitting Nancy,
and that I would probably
never be able to possess it,
I thought, well then, I could
paint my own.

So with an image of the box top
I came up with this below -

(only needs the nails which will
be put in soon) 

(say Ay-i-sha
.... and also spelled A'isha,
Aisha, Ayesha and Ayisha)
is an Arabic female name.
Could it be because of the
Arabic name that she is
She would date from the late 1920's
because of the statement
regarding her new staples
(pointes en arc).

Though I still prefer
the "Knitting Nancy" to
"Aïcha", I am quite
fond of my
little reproduction.


(Now here she is all

I wonder if there are
others "out there"?!!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Yahoo Spoolknitter Group Birthday


The above is the Yahoo Spoolknitter
Group Home Page notice for the
current competition....
entries close Jan 21st.

You are most welcome to join in
the spoolknitting fun! 

 Click on .....

Yahoo Spoolknitter Group

Here is a larger photo of the
spoolknitter "cake"
I hope it looks good enough
to eat!!

The spoolknitter
has six posts (nails) and is also 
decorated with flowers on top.

Above is the other part of the prize -
a "Take-a-long" Spoolknitting Bag
for your spoolknitting projects.
The outer pockets are handy for
those necessary bits and pieces
needed for working on your project.

So take a look at Yahoo Spoolknitter
and join in the fun - 
you gotta be in it to win it!! 

Added Jan 10th - 
I have some of you confused ....
this is not my blog birthday but a
post for the Yahoo Spoolknitter Group's
3rd Birthday!
We are both called "Spoolknitter".

But thankyou for your congrats
anyway  .... !!!



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Babushka, Spiderman and Beefeater

These Knitting Dolls (spoolknitters) are newly made
from the later part of 2009.
They are Made in China by
Sailing Toys & Gifts Co. Limited
(see ToysLink for another
range of knitting doll with same

The very colourful set of six Babushka
(product spelling) knitting dolls come in
red, purple, orange, blue, green, and pink.


There are also another two new spoolknitters
from the same company.
The Spiderman and Beefeater each called
a Knitting Boy, I would say are
especially made for the
young males who enjoy spool knitting.

Below are the front and back
views of the Spiderman spoolknitter.

These spoolknitters are very well
made and would be an excellent addition
to your collection.