Tuesday, September 18, 2012


L'Histoire des Tricotins
et des
Outils Tricoteurs

by Christine Painsonneau-Marillaud

Front Cover

Back Cover

(All images shown with kind permission from
the author - Christine Painsonneau-Marillaud)
Google Translation - 
The History of French Knitting
and Knitting Tools

I am thrilled to announce this new book about
the history of  spool knitters. It is a great boon for collectors
in finding and recognizing knitters and when they were made. The amount of and the
variations of spool knitters is mind boggling and so many discoveries
are being made of other vintage spool knitters.
Christine covers the history from the earliest times, with the included benefit
of many diagrams and photos.
This 158 page book is a comprehensive volume.

Above is a group of composite French knitters
depicting Dutch girls and boys.
You can also find other characters such as -
Pierrot, Charlie Chaplin, Japanese Ladies, Becassine, and
so on. Photos of these and others are of course found in the book.
(Circa 1920's - 30's and around 10 cms)

Above, we have a group of lovely ladies from the 1950's -
a little taller than the average 9 cms at 12 - 13 cms.

Collectors will appreciate the hard work and time that
Christine has put into her book so that we can enjoy its benefits -
so a very big ~ THANKYOU CHRISTINE! 
It is truly a fabulous book!

You can find it available on Ebay - Worldwide (Buy It Now)
or from - The Book Edition   

Christine's blog is ... HERE  ...
(Les Tricotins de Jardinette)