Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Announcing the June Bride Competition

There is a brand new competition 
now underway over at Yahoo Spoolknitter
(link in right-hand column of blog)
and not to be confused with Flickr Spool Knitter,
but you are most welcome there too!
If you want to join in the fun,
come on over and join our Yahoo group
and you will then get to know the details
for the competition.
The prize?.......
is not one!.... but TWO hand painted
spoolknitters below ....

Competition closes May 29th!

The Happy Couple!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Penelope Magazine

Vintage Magazines from France

As most of you are well aware, to find information
or patterns involving spool knitting is rare.
However, if we travel back to 1920's - 1930's
in France, we find a publication called Penelope
which at this time was featuring a column called

 I am more convinced than ever that the
art of spool knitting was so much more popular
in Europe than anywhere else in the world.
I have been fortunate to find, in the small
number of issues that I have of the 
Penelope magazine dating 1929 -
1933 this regular feature using imaginative
ideas for things such as -
a lightshade, fancy dress costume,
soft toy, collar & cuffs, accessory
for a doll house, and a crown.

Toutou, Mon Chien
(my puppy dog)

The magazine tells us that the mushroom
tricotin (spool knitter) you see pictured
in the graphics at the top of the column
is available at - La Redoute (fashion district)
in Roubaix, Nord for 6 francs via post.

Work of Wool
and Patterns

The magazine at this time was printed on paper
like newspaper, black and white inside and only
a colour front cover. This cover often
featured a photo of knitted or crocheted
fabric. It usually consisted of
just 20 pages. To find any further information
regarding Penelope magazine has been fruitless.
However, I will continue to try
and find any info I can.