Friday, March 28, 2014

The World is full of Spoolknitters

The world is full of surprises for collectors, but where to look?
It is thanks to the craft companies who manufacture and distribute their
products worldwide, then through searching
the name of a brand, I have found
some exclusive spoolknitters that I am very pleased to
add to my collection.

The spoolknitters I have found made in China and Japan are either of
an extremely very good quality or of a cheaper

 Lily-yarn Set (plastic) above is
 Made in China for Daiso Industries Co. Ltd.
It has three interchangeable heads though all are 5 posts, however
the centre holes differ in size. So I guess
that if one should break, then you will still have two spare heads!

Above - the directions.

ITO - Made in Japan

I love this one! It is a very novel set.

ITO - showing the top

It is a very compact set. The spoolknitter is made of
plastic with 5 posts.

WhWh Knitting School sets (plastic) comprises of two
spoolknitters of a smaller and a larger spool,
the smaller of the two also has two interchangeable
heads - 6 post or 4 post.

Showing the backs of the packages.

A very nice quality spoolknitter here called
French Lilian. This is made of wood with two interchangeable
heads with four or five posts.

This spoolknitter I have not seen elsewhere, though new
I would say it is a rare one and hard to come by.

It is a solid, very good quality metal spoolknitter with
interchangeable heads of four or five posts.
(Very nice to handle)

The majority of these spoolknitters were purchased through a
website - Rakuten.