Friday, June 29, 2012

An artist of a different kind!

Lizzie Powell (UK)

On one of my recent searches on the internet, I came across a blog -
Pea Pod Designs. One post was of particular interest to me as a
collector and to find any referral to spool knitters in any form is always
very special.
I suppose the fact that they are becoming more recognisable and popular
is important to me.
I was amazed at the wonderful talent of Lizzie Powell and that she had
an exhibition of her work at the Southmead Hospital in Bristol back in
In this post, was a painting of a collection of French Knitters very cleverly 
painted and so real looking.
I contacted Lizzie and asked if she would sell me her painting or
perhaps a print.
I am now very pleased to say that I own a print
of her French Knitters!
I asked her about her collection and she told me a
little story about how she came by these three in particular ......

........ read on ......
 "I found them at the bottom of a box at a local auction but to buy them it would have meant that I would of had to get a pile of rubbish too, so when the winning bidder was looking through the box I asked if I could buy them off him. He didn't have any interest in them and very kindly gave them to me for free...I acted very cool and got out of there quickly before he could change his mind!!"
.... Isn't that wonderful?!! .... I wonder how many of my followers/readers have fabulous stories like this!! 

Here is the link for the particular post on Lizzie's blog -
- and you will see more of her lovely paintings!!
(The image above is shown with permission from Lizzie Powell - Thanks so much Lizzie!) 
(NOTE: The print "photo" was taken at an angle to avoid
glare, therefore it is a little distorted and the
colour white background shows as a little
grey. The image has
also been cropped and surrounding margins added.)